When a real estate property gets repossessed by the lender but for any number of reasons is not sold immediately to a new buyer, property management services are required. As a leading construction firm in the Chicago metropolitan area, Selena Group has all the expertise needed to perform building repair and maintenance, excellent knowledge of the real estate market, and focus on our clients’ needs.

REO property services can be divided into three major categories:

  • inspection services—a set of surveying measures directed at determining the property’s condition, repair requirements, and marketability;
  • preservation services—the steps usually identified as a result of inspection and needed to keep the property in serviceable and marketable condition, like repair or renovation;
  • property maintenance—regular work that supplements and partly overlaps with preservation services, such as foliage removal and cutting the lawn.

The Selena Group friendly team will gladly perform the entire range of REO property services for you. Please give us a call or send a message to discuss your property management project or just ask a question—we would love to hear from you and answer all inquiries.