Property maintenance is an essential part of REO property management. It includes a broad set of measures aimed at keeping the property in good condition, complying with the property ownership laws and regulations, ensuring the property’s marketability, and preventing unauthorized occupancy.

Selena Group provides expert-level property maintenance services throughout Chicagoland. We’re always willing to go the proverbial extra mile to ensure our clients’ happiness and make working with us a productive and pleasant experience for you.

Standard REO property management consists of the following:

  • changing the locks and boarding up the house;
  • winterization, including draining the pipes and protection against snow;
  • roof leaks repair;
  • replacement of worn out construction elements;
  • snow removal in the winter and grass cutting in the summer;
  • prevention of squatters and other unauthorized persons from entering.

More often than not, the condition of a REO property is far from excellent to begin with. Being a well-established construction company, we are fully prepared to provide repair or renovation services of any complexity if the need arises.

Make a call or send a message to Selena Group for all of your REO property management needs. Ask questions, leave comments, and order our services — you will be glad you did!