Selena Group is one of the best providers of the complete set of property preservation services in and around Chicago. Key property preservation measures are performed according to the guidelines provided by the property owner or investor and include the following:

  • security measures;
  • structural hazard mitigation;
  • debris removal;
  • seasonal maintenance.

Security considerations call for surveying all points of entry in order to prevent unauthorized access inside the building. Typically, locks on all doors are replaced, the doors and windows are checked for signs of breakage, and any entryways that may provide access inside for humans or animals are sealed.

Structural hazards are harder to identify in a building not used on a regular basis. Even though the building’s overall condition is excellent, a quick weekly or monthly onceover may fail to register structural problems caused by external factors such as heavy snow, nearby trees fallen due to high winds, or soil movement. Therefore, a thorough assessment for potential and actual hazards is always strongly advised. If a structural hazard is identified, the investor must approve subsequent actions unless they are already declared in the service agreement.

After the initial debris removal, which may include interior and exterior debris as well as demolition waste, removal of external waste such as foliage, trash carried in with the wind, etc., must be performed regularly. This ensures a pleasant appearance of the property and serves sanitary and pest control purposes.

Seasonal maintenance is the answer to the effects of seasonal changes. In the fall, while it’s still warm, all pipework must be drained of water to prevent it from freezing. Snow removal in the winter and mowing the lawn in the summer are other examples of seasonal maintenance.

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