REO inspection services are the essential first step in the REO management process. Effective management of a repossessed property cannot be easily accomplished without a thorough evaluation of the property’s condition performed by qualified professionals. Based on our extensive experience in the field of construction and excellent knowledge of the real estate market, we invite lenders to take advantage of Selena Group first-rate REO inspection services in and around Chicago.

We can perform initial property checking as well as ongoing inspection on a regular basis. Both types of the inspection services we provide include:

  • exterior and interior assessment;
  • hazardous condition check;
  • maintenance inspection;
  • marketability analysis;
  • property violations check.

Additionally, our experts can evaluate the services of the real estate agent assigned to the property, where applicable. They strongly affect marketability and include the real estate agency sign placement, the availability of marketing materials and advertisements in the local RE listings, etc. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of the property are examined, up to having a pleasant, well-maintained appearance, so that our customers have all the information they require in order to manage the property.

If you are a lender looking for a dedicated and knowledgeable REO inspection services provider, look no further and contact us. Act now: simply call or message our friendly customer service reps to hear what we offer and have all your REO inspection needs expertly met!