Metal framing is one of the key modern construction technologies that allows to assemble robust, fire-resistant structural frames quickly and with minimal labor costs. In the construction industry, the two types of metal framing are called heavy and light gauge frames. Selena Group provides a comprehensive range of both heavy and light gauge metal framing services throughout Greater Chicago.

Heavy gauge metal frames have been traditionally used to provide structural base for load-bearing walls of large (high-rises, etc.) and medium-sized construction. Typically assembled out of prefabricated or field-cut structural steel components, heavy gauge framing forms a highly reliable support for buildings of any considerable size.

New steel-working technologies and modern protective coatings allow for more frequent application of light gauge steel framing. When it comes to non-load-bearing construction elements such as outer walls or awnings, aluminum alloys are in demand as another excellent option thanks to being more lightweight, which allows for simpler installation and custom on-site adjustments. The most visually pleasant examples of contemporary architecture often use light gauge framing.

Selena Group specialists are adept at working with all types of heavy and light metal gauge framing. Call us today, and our friendly experts will be happy to:

  • provide you with a professional assessment of your framing needs;
  • help you choose the best option;
  • answer all questions you might ask;
  • and perform top-quality metal framing installation at a competitive cost.