Commercial kitchen areas have strict sanitary requirements. In particular, kitchen walls in restaurants, hotels, and other foodservice businesses must be covered with durable, easily washable, moisture-proof, and mold-resistant materials, the most widely used options being FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) and stainless steel panels. The Selena Group company offers either option to commercial clients in Chicagoland.

The key requirements to modern hygienic kitchen wall coverings are as follows:

  • easily washable and detergent-resistant;
  • moisture-proof and resistant to mold;
  • able to withstand contact with abrasive materials and sharp metal objects.

Both stainless steel and FRP panels have these features. In the past, stainless steel wall coverings had been the foodservice industry choice for long decades, but lately more and more businesses have been changing their preferences in favor of quality FRP panels. In addition to sharing most of the advantages offered by stainless steel, the best types of commercially available fiber-reinforced plastic panels are non-conductive (which is highly important around electrical equipment) and more impact-resistant and less slippery than steel while being considerably more affordable and easily installed.

However, these are only general points, and in real life every situation has its own peculiar details that may call for consideration and affect the choice between stainless steel and FRP wall coverings. We at Selena Group understand that and will be happy to hear your story and discuss the available options before installing the wall covering panels which will suit you best.