Federal regulations and other standards (such as issued by the National Fire Protection Association) set precise fire safety requirements for commercial buildings. In particular, they include the presence of fire barrier walls, which can prevent fire from spreading throughout the entire building. All doors in a fire barrier wall must also meet special fire safety requirements. The Selena Group company has the qualifications and knowledge necessary to provide commercial hollow metal and fire-rated wood doors installation in the Chicago metro area.

The main difference between hollow metal and wood fire safety doors is the degree of fire resistance. While hollow metal doors can easily withstand an ordinary fire and make for excellent protection, even the best fire-rated wood doors remain fire-resistant for about 90 minutes or so in the most optimistic scenario, providing just temporary barrier. This is why developers and owners of commercial buildings opt for hollow metal doors and frames installed in fire barrier walls, and fire-rated wood doors are typically preferred by residential construction customers.

Both fire-rated wood and hollow metal doors must have certain features in order to comply with fire safety requirements. These include:

  • clear labeling indicating a fire exit;
  • no broken parts in the door and frame;
  • secure fire-rated glass kit (door window);
  • working hinges providing for self-closing;
  • positive latching (self-latching in the closed position).

To have your fire-rated wood or hollow metal door and frame installed by professionals, message or call Selena Group today. Our friendly specialists will answer all your questions and hear out comments, determine a fire door option you approve, and provide top-notch installation services. We promise you’ll be pleased with the result.