Acoustical ceiling technology involves using special construction materials and techniques aimed at controlling the acoustic properties of the room. Excellent acoustic characteristics and pleasant, warm sound ambience are essential for concert halls, night clubs, movie theaters, etc., while places like libraries and research facilities call for sound-dampening environment. Acoustical ceilings help achieve and calibrate the desired effect, and our experts at Selena Group provide top-notch acoustical ceiling installation services in and around Chicago.

Most often, an acoustical ceiling is a suspended ceiling (or drop ceiling) with sound-controlling materials installed on it. A suspended ceiling is called so because it’s literally suspended on steel wires from the structural (“real”) ceiling. The wires hold a metal gridwork which supports the ceiling tiles. The tiles, in turn, have decorative and other functions. In case of an acoustical ceiling, the tiles may either consist of sound-controlling materials or serve as a base for their installation.

The materials used in acoustical ceilings can be of the following types:
sonic control tiles or panels installed directly onto the dropped ceiling gridwork;
sound attenuation batts (SABs) installed above the ceiling tiles;
acoustical coatings applied on the surface of the tiles.

If you need an acoustical ceiling installed or just a piece of advice on the subject from a professional, please give us a call, and our friendly representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.